Fantastic Voyage | A new multieffect virtual stompbox

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Sarà pubblicato oggi alle 22:00 il nuovo software di Giorgio Sancristoforo, artista sperimentale, sound designer e sviluppatore milanese, che così lo descrive:

Fantastic Voyage is a multieffect virtual stompbox with integrated looper and a 4 (stereo) tracks recorder.
It’s designed to process and store any external sound, like guitars, microphones, synthesizers. It hasn’t internal generators.
The software, like Gleetchlab and Berna, is designed with a modular approach. With the matrix you can connect the various sections of the software in any way you want. This means that there isn’t a fixed signal path and the possibilities of signal processing and re-processing, are immense.
Fantastic Voyage it’s perfect for live performance, as well as a portable studio that does not require any other software to run.
Fantastic Voyage is not a plugin. It’s a standalone software, but if you want to use it with your DAW, you can connect the software to and from your DAW with any virtual driver, such as Blackhole (free) or Loopback (commercial but has more options).

The idea of Fantastic Voyage came while thinking at the old Tascam tape Portastudios.
In my early experiments in the 90s I’ve loved the machine, so I’ve decided to create a personal updated version of a portable 4 track recorder which includes a palette of effects which I think are useful to create ambient and experimental tunes.

In questo video una breve anteprima:

Introducing Fantastic Voyage from Giorgio Sancristoforo on Vimeo.

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