RE/SPACES Winter School, Cremona e Pavia

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[Condividiamo con piacere i dettagli della winter school che si terrà fra Cremona e Pavia nella primavera del 2020]

The Re/Spaces winter school will be a hub for students and early career artists working in the field of digital sound and image, to gather reflections and practical suggestions about the development of site-specific and location-based installation and audiovisual works. The aim of the school is to help young creative people to develop their skills in working within a small team of peers, update them on the latest tools in sound and image elaboration, provide historical and theoretical background in the disciplines of contemporary music history, audiovisual analysis, visual communication and storytelling, digital process of audio and video files.

The event will consist of two teaching weeks, from 24 March to 3 April 2020, and it will consist of theoretical lessons and workshopthroughout the day.  During the winter school week, meetings will be organized with an artist who will offer new insights oh the project.

The aim of the school will be the realization of a short audiovisual product and possibly a site-specific installation to be presented at the end of the winter school, focused and inspired by the buildings and spaces of the University. The idea is to subject these spaces to a sort of creative re-imagination, showing how art can be use to transfigure, re-imagine and even to suggest how the present can be transformed and looks like. Together with an artist-in-residence that will mentor the students in this process, the winter school will bring their participants to become a drive for the future developments of space, and to bring new values to existing location by re-imagining them through the gaze of the artistic transformation.


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